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How we work

Shipping large machinery and trucks requires meticulous planning and a lot of documentation. Our team assists you make sure your vehicle arrives safely on the destination. Over the last decades VUS has built very good partnerships with leading carriers and shipping lines around the globe. We are able to manage all deliveries from and to all the main ports in the world.

Trucks & Big machinery why
Trucks & Big machinery why

What are the costs?

VUS has streamlined the RoRo shipping process over the years which makes the pricing affordable, straightforward, and consistent. Based on your shipment we take into account the following paraments in order to make a quote:

  • Weight / Length / Width / Hight
  • Brand & type of the unit
  • Port of loading
  • Port of discharge


Do you still need any help?

We are fast, reliable and efficient, that's what we call smart shipping. If you need any help, contact us directly.